feature film
directed by Justyna Mytnik
written by Justyna Mytnik, Rosanna Hall
in co-production with Alexandra Film, Bionaut, EC1 - Łódź - Miasto Kultury
co-financed with Creative Europe, Polish Film Institute, Estonian Film Institute, The Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Czech Film Center

15-year-old Klara was raped by a masked boy on Wet Monday. A year later, she is struggling with nightmares and panic attacks. Big sister Marta tells her to ignore the problem, but Klara is no longer able to. She secretly visits the site of the event with new friend Diana, hoping to be healed. Instead, she starts feeling and remembering things she repressed for so long, like the identity of her rapist. Marta doesn’t like that Klara is changing. The sisters grow apart. Klara has to descend into the darkness of her pain and acknowledge her emotions in order to confront Marta about the hurt she caused her by shaming and silencing her. When Klara finally has the opportunity to take revenge on her rapist, she no longer needs to - she was healed by the powers of empathy and self-determination.